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Why is the job open when client already hired someone?

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Andrie A Member Since: Oct 12, 2015
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What is the different for a job posting marked with "Needs to hire x Freelancers" and those without one?

If the option is available, why not forcing them to used it instead? When a job is marked "Needs to hire x Freelancers" it's understandable if it is keep open. The client already know how many contractors they need.

Woudn't it be best if they choose not to marked the project with "Needs to hire x Freelancers", the job post closed automatically when it's awarded.

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Manpreet S Member Since: Mar 31, 2019
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I am trying but I can't understand the reason to keep a job open after hiring. A freelancer should atleast be notified with a pop-up message saying "Client has already hired someone but you're still free to submit your proposal". This is more plausible than keeping it in a blind spot. It looks nothing more than a way of making freelancers spend their connects for no reason.


A pop-up message seems very reasonable and required.

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Gabor K Member Since: Apr 1, 2015
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This does not make any sense at all. At least, the system should send out a notification to everyone who applied to the given job, stating "someone has been just hired on a job that you have applied to". Until that, it's just fishing at night.

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Vladimir G Community Manager Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi Gabor,


That information is already available on the job post page, under the "Client Activity on this Job" section.

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Tom R Member Since: Oct 29, 2015
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So the system will ask a client "How many freelancers do you need for this job?" if they choose 1 and then hire 1 the job should be considered awarded and new applications should be denied.


1. It stops the client from receiving additional applications for the job when they don't need to hire anymore people.

2. It stops freelancers from wasting connects on a job that already has been awarded and they aren't hiring for anymore.



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Ashish K Member Since: Mar 1, 2016
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I had raised this issue of old inactive job posts before. The reply I got was that they will consider it, but it is not on their priority list.

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Alif Andriyanto A Member Since: Jun 11, 2016
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From my perspective, it's a dirty way to burn connects.

If I'm have a project and already choose my contractor, why would I need to be bombarded by new project proposal?

The project have been started, just block any new new proposal until I fire the current contractor. Pfttt!!
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Yulia K Member Since: May 16, 2017
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May Be Client Need more then one freelancer for his/her job, or some times newbie freelancer was not done the job correctly not every freelancer... so if the freelancer was not done the job correctly according to client instruction then client endded the contract and leave feedback and then again hired an other freelancer for his/her jobs..



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Kristoffer Carlos G Member Since: Jun 11, 2020
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Jobs where there is already one hired should automatically close to avoid wasted connects.

Some employers do want to hire several freelancers, but that is not always the cased, usually they only want to hire one, and they leave it open most likely because they forgot.


Employers do not have any incentive to close a job after having hired someone; they simply don't care. For freelancers, it's a cuase for wasted connects.


Too employer-centered.

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Sarah B Member Since: Dec 15, 2017
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I'm not sure I understand this urge to micromanage job postings and clients. The more steps and inconveniencing clients are subjected to, the more likely they will take their business to another platform. It's impossible to "waste" connects applying for a job that has hires because you can see the number of hires (as well as hire rate and a number of other handy markers) before you apply. As other freelancers have noted, clients leave jobs open after hiring for a hundred reasons (some of which are good for us!). If you don't bother to look at that stat on the job posting, you only really have yourself to blame.

Is it frustrating sometimes when you feel like you're dropping your proposals down a well? Sure. But I've also been hired by clients who recieved my proposal after already hiring someone else. Why would I want to limit their ability to do that, or my ability to put myself forward as the best person for the job, despite that already hired?