The Basics

Though we constantly work to keep Upwork a secure place for everyone, we always appreciate your help in reporting questionable activity. If you ever come across inappropriate or suspicious behavior, please save evidence of your experience and get in touch as soon as possible.

The Details

It is time to contact Customer Support when a client:

  • Asks you to pay money to get a job, including things like reimbursable site registration fees and assurance deposits 
  • Requests you to contact them directly via email, chat, or other means before they invite you to interview or hire you to a contract 
  • Inquires about your contact information, such as your email address, chat IDs, or phone number before the interview stage 
  • Offers to pay you directly via PayPal, Western Union, or another method outside of the Upwork finance system 
  • Tells you to start working before they hire you to an official Upwork job contract 
  • Tries to blackmail you for good feedback

Please contact Customer Support with any questions or concerns regarding clients who may be in violation of Upwork policies.