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maintaining top rated badge

Active Member
Helene S Member Since: Jul 11, 2018
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Hi there,


I won't be able to accept any new work for the next 2,5 Month and I was wondering if this will effect my top rated status. Will I loose the badge through inactivity?

After that said period I'll be available again for new projects on Upwork.


Thanks in advance, Helene

Community Leader
Mike W Member Since: Sep 28, 2016
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You will lose your top rated status after 90 days of inactivity.

Community Guru
Richard W Member Since: Jun 22, 2017
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To earn and maintain Top Rated status you must have:


8. Activity on the platform (proposal, accepted invitation, or earnings) in the past 90 days


So it seems like just submitting a proposal occasionally should be enough to keep TR status.

Community Guru
Valentina D Member Since: Aug 27, 2016
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Will you be working on at least one of the two existing projects? If so, you can be unavailable indefinitely. As long as you're getting paid (once in three months is just fine), it means you're active, and you don't have to accept new contracts.

I've been unavailable since March and will be so until September I think. As you can see, it doesn't affect my TR.