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new client cannot set up payment method - error


I've been in touch with a prospective client who wants to hire me for a project but she is having trouble adding a credit card to her Upwork account.


She keeps getting the following error "Sorry, a critical component of this page failed to load. Please reload the page"


She has tried 3 different browsers and has opened a ticket and live chatted with customer service but they don't know what's causing the issue. They said they would look into it and get back in the next 24-48 hours!

However, this is holding up the project and she needs it done relatively quickly!


Has anybody experienced this issue? How was it resolved?

Thanks for your feedback.

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I've had a similar experience with a new client, he ended up having to open a Paypal account. Anyhow, don't start working until you have a contract.

Thanks for the feedback Luce.

Yeah -- she tried linking to her Paypal but she couldn't use it because apparently they said it was unverified (even though she said it was verified).


Not sure what the deal is.

My advice: beware. If this person means to hire you, she'll find a solution soon. In the meantime, don't waste your time with her. She might just be hoping you are naive enough to work without a contract.

Oh don't worry. I let her know that I wouldn't be able to send her anything until the contract was set up.


She knows and she says she understands, so we'll see what happens.

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