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no one

I bought connects to find a client, each proposal has 8-14 connect to spend, and no response yet, at least send a message even if you don't pick me up. as long as I can at least recover the ones I used to connect. I don't know what's wrong. I have skills, not just a skill but a high quality of skills. Please help me how to get clients guys.

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You cannot recover them.

But yes, mine history look same, noone reading proposals. No more real jobs.

I wish I could earn as much as you 😞

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when the client sends a message back, I know you will receive connects. even if they reply with anything, as long as we gain our connects again for other jobs, right?

No. It was before.

Now you can receive it as bonus in random. In other cases it wasted. Rewards for each interview was canceled an half year ago.

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Getting back to the freelancer even if they don't pick that one used to be standard of courtesy. These days most people ignore everyone, at the same time of course demanding attention.

In my case, when potential client doesn't respond in a few days after they did make initial contact in response to my proposal, I send them follow up with info that sadly their spot was taken by a serious client. Several of those immediately got back to me with some form of apologies but my word is final. Sure it lost me some jobs but I wouldn't work for someone who has issues with basic communication and respect towards another human being.

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