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Hi all, I've been now two months on oDesk and I'm SO satisfied with this great website: great clients,so user-friendly website and a lot of real jobs.However, Recently(three days now) I've not been able to apply to any job because whenever i press "apply" it redirects me to ID verification page and obviously stipulates this step to be done for me to apply to any job. I've completed my profile to 100% upon signing up and hadn't been asked to verify anything. Has anyone faced this type of new requirement? sincerely, I don't feel comfortable with uploading my personal ID along with a dozen of personal details to the internet and this halts me from verifying my ID.I guess this is a loss for oDesk as well because idle freelancer who had been so active previously means a drop in the income gained from fees. A fully filled profile plus a very satisfied clients and feedback aren't enough to proof reliability and trustworthiness? I appreciate your informative replays . Thanks Rabea

It's not a new requirement. During my early days with oDesk about 3 years ago, I was also asked to be ID verified. I had to scan and send my passport and water utility bill. I haven't encountered any related problems since. If there are clients who are willing to give their credit card and bank information to oDesk so that I can be paid, then why should I as a freelancer frown of being ID verified?

There is only one feedback on your profile, and it looks like the client was not *very* satisfied, as you say. FYI Although you may choose to verify your identity at any time, oDesk may require verification of any user to uphold the oDesk User Agreement and policies. Possible reasons oDesk might require you to verify your identity include: To determine ownership of duplicate accounts To determine ownership of linked accounts To assist you in resuming your account To determine ownership of accounts showing suspicious or high risk activity Know Your Customer (KYC) program compliance Any other reason that oDesk deems appropriate, including random checks to maintain the integrity of the marketplace https://support.odesk.com/entries/23058042-What-documents-are-acceptable-for-ID-Verification-

The OP had 4.0 feedback and hid the comment. Would that realy be enough for oDesk to flag the account, considering that some clients have said on the forums that they only give 5.0 feedback for work that is exceptional, above and beyond what was asked for in the job description, and that 4.0 would still count as above average. I know that some clients won't hire anyone with less than 4.5, which is their prerogative, but is the OP's feedback, by itself, really bad enough for oDesk to mark him as a potential problem? (Granted, we don't know what was in the client's comment.)

The client left no comment although it was clear that he was satisfied.

I did not know that you could leave a feedback score without commenting. I always leave a comment when I give feedback to clients. I honestly don't remember how it works.

[quote=Marcia Malory] I know that some clients won't hire anyone with less than 4.5, which is their prerogative, but is the OP's feedback, by itself, really bad enough for oDesk to mark him as a potential problem?[/quote] According to oDesk 4 is excellent, this can't be the reason. It might just be a random check. [quote=Marcia Malory] (Granted, we don't know what was in the client's comment.)[/quote] I also thought the comment was hidden, no one would hide a comment from a very satisfied client. This is why I said it did not seem like the client was very satisfied.

My current clients have paused the contracts because of the holidays and i can assure you that they are *very* satisfied, though haven't placed and feedback obviously because the contract not yet closed.Besides, that one work was my first on oDesk so you got to take that into account and good feedback and reputation cannot be built overnight, lady.

If you look at the simple metrics of feedback, a 4 is a good score, 5 being for exceptional or whatnot. The current trend of giving 5 for every job has made the 4 star rating no so desierable, but it is still a good score. There is no comment with the score, so I am not sure why you assume his client was not happy. I also am not sure why you feel the need to pick at him when his question has nothing to do with feedback scores, but in fact ID verification. Personally, as a client, I prefer contractors with a mix of scores between 4-5 stars as it give a more accurate picture of the work that can be expected. Many, but not all contractors that have a perfect 5 are due to refunds or specific request for 5 star ratings. I have had plenty of contractors, who I gave 4 or even 4.5 stars directly ask me to change it to 5 stars (which I refuse), and further have them refund the entire contract amount just to get rid of a less than perfect rating (no, i dont ask for refunds, but oDesk blocks you when you re-paysome one more than 3 times in the same amount they have refunded you).

I see on your profile that because of the work you do ("oDesk Hiring manager") makes you any thing but impartial on the subject of oDesk. Perhaps you shouldn't speak on topics such as these?

1. the comment above yours was posted in 2013 - before she was hired. 2. the contract with oDesk had already ended in February this year.
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Potential clients for OD work have contacted me for interviews about 6 of them I denied request because the information and description of work was cautionary at best and did not want to be involved. The two clients I accepted interviews from wanted me to send a picture of my driver's license which I will not give out! Perhaps I am too trusting these jobs are legit. Users like these need to be reported and handled with disciplinary action by ODESK as these violates the Freelance & Client policy. Only just recently did I discover that ODESK discourages communication off ODESK, but most employers rely on Skype for chatting and interviews. How can I follow the rules without being abused?! I've been yelled at and cursed at - horrible things said to me about being a fake account. I have reported these users to the OD resolution team. Waiting for reply. OD says my profile is 100% compete and OD ready. How can I be verified and not abused?! Thank you. Please respond promptly. Tara

How i Verify my Odesk id. Where i can found option to upload my verification document

Thank you for your question, Amit!


Currently users cannot initiate ID verification on their accounts. ID Verification is not required, however, there are several reasons why oDesk may ask you to complete the verification.

~ Valeria

Client requests that I sent him your user ID for freelancers to get a job. What can I say? And where you can see your ID? I'm new to oDesk

What an odd request. I have never had a client ask for my oDesk user ID. It sounds fishy, but it could just be a new client, or it could be that you misunderstood what he wants.

If the client posted a job and you applied to the job, then the client can see you in his client side interface and he has the ability to hire you or dismiss you from consideration or ignore your application, or save you or your application for further consideration later. He does not need your user id to do any of that.

If he is a first time client, then you might ask that he contacts customer support, so that customer support can help him get the information he needs.

If he is not a first time client, then I think either you don't understand his request or he is trying to scam you.

thank you


Although I am not opinioned for support of these requests but I have worked with one of the most prestigious clients on odesk who require odesk id to be filled at their end. This client is also a multinational organization. I don't think it is against odesk policies for clients to ask for ids and verifications. Many companies often ask for such verifications when they hire an employee. Of course the client in question can be different and may be trying to scam you. So maintain precaution and do your research on who the person is.


I would like to to conduct verification of ID, but do not see on the site where it can be done.

Odesk did not request my verification, I would like her to go by herself.

Thank U!

Hi Tetiana,


Currently there is no option for a freelancer to initiate ID verification. However, there are certain instances when oDesk Team might require a freelancer to complete ID verification. There is more information in this help article.

~ Valeria

i want to verify my account

Hi Ishan,


You profile is currently being reviewed to make sure that it is in compliance with oDesk requirements. There are some improvements that can be done to your profile overview though. Make sure you check your title and overview for grammar and language usage errors. As for ID Verification, it doesn't look like you are required to complete it at this point.

~ Valeria

Hi Odesk guy,


I'm in trouble to verify my account. I submitted my ID card but always get denied message. I've chat with Odesk supporter and he said that my ID card is unaccepted. I don't know why our ID card format is illegal whereas Odesk verification document said that valid government-issued photo ID is accepted. Could you please tell me how I can verify my account with ID card? Everytime I want to submit a proposal, it always asked me for verification Smiley Sad .


Thank you so much!

Hi Nguyen,


Sorry to hear that the document you submitted for a verification was not accepted. If you have a different document to submit for a verification such as passport or driver's license, could you please try uploading it?


Thank you!

~ Valeria

Hi Valeria,


I have no passport now, unfortunately I've lost my driver's license. To make those documents available, I have to wait one to two months due to our policy. I really want to verify my account as soon as possible. Do you have any idea for ID verification? Any clear restriction for ID verification, then I can take a deep look and figure it out? 

Thank you so much for your effort and have a great day!


Best regards,

Hoang Nguyen

Hi Nguyen,


I will follow up with the team about the documents available to you for the ID verification.


Thank you for your patience.

~ Valeria

Thank you so much Valeria. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!


dear sir

    want to verify my odesk account.

Hi Nalaka,


I have checked your account and it doesn't look like ID verification is currently required. If it is required in the future, you will definitely be notified about it.


Here is more information about the verification process.

~ Valeria

sir my name is taimur ansari Sir please tell me now ka where is Id verfication option is odesk and please guide me now to 

Hi Taimur,


Since ID verification hasn't been requested for your Upwork account, you don't have the option to verify it or to initiate the verification process. Please check this Help article for more information.