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open profile in another PC she also in upwork

Can i use my sister laptop, she is also in upwork as a graphic design. we use different time schedule and to share my profile details with her.

if we can then i start bidding (apply for job).

Thank you

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You should never share your profile details with anyone, even family, and I would definitely not use the same account if that's what you mean because it's not allowed on the platform. 


You can use the same computer as long as you both have 2 seperate accounts and always ensure you are logged in as yourself when tracking and doing work. Never track time on the other person's account or vice versa. 

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Hi Amit,


As Amanda stated, you cannot share you're profile details with anyone, not even with your family members. You can use your sister's laptop to apply for jobs in Upwork but make sure to do that via your profile. Never login to someone else’s profile. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Amit,


Note that only the account owner is allowed to access their Freelancer profile and account sharing is a serious ToS violation. Your sister can create a Freelancer profile of her own and you can create an Agency profile, add her to your team and assign her permission to submit proposals on your behalf as an agency contractor, but not from your Freelancer profile.

~ Vladimir
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