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why not removing bugs before changing rating system ?

Community Guru
Olivier P Member Since: May 25, 2015
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i see today that the 5 star rating system will be remove from front seeing by customer to show up more the JS score .


Ok . that is a point of view


But many of us are tired to see many bugs , slow site and a user exeprienced going more and more low .


I dont want to criticize changing here about rating system but i ask for more effort to make a usable and friendly website than improving a system that is doing a good work and that nobody ask to change .


Upwork is a really great service for freelancers and customers and if you wat more and more, you nedd to improve it and remove all the things that make us pain everyday ( messaging system with bugs and non efficient , non efficient search , very slow website and more and more unavailability of the system)

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Raitis S Member Since: Jun 26, 2015
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Couldn't agree with You more Olivier! 100% my thoughts too. They all the time changing and "improving" something, but almost all of that doesn't needs changes at all - it all worked great, so why to change it? So design could be better? Who cares about design if any time there is change, new bugs pop-up and they aren't able to fix it sometimes even in month or two... They should start with fixing problems who isn't working, not making all the time new ones by "improving" something. Who client will care about some stupid name change for some tab in the site (offers vs proposals) if site by itself isn't working - all the time breaks down, is very slow, search doesn't works, is problems with messages, etc. etc. I am even not talking about support who feels like lately doesn't think on their own, just copy and pastes answers who’s is written in lawyer style - talk a lot, say almost nothing. I really don't know that the companies managements game plan is here, but one is clear - if something won't change lately I am not sure if after year here will be half of the clients who is now.