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Announcing the Guided Growth Test



To meet the growing request for personalized profile feedback and guidance in Community Groups, we're testing a new mentorship program that will facilitate group members to connect with seasoned freelancers.

The Guided Growth Course
 offers structured learning experiences through three online, one-hour-long group sessions, focusing mainly but not limited to profile building, proposal writing, and scaling up businesses. The course connects Growth Graduates (freelancers seeking to elevate their business) with Growth Guides, who are trusted and expert freelancers with a proven track record of offering expert knowledge, tailored guidance, and advice in Community Groups. Growth Guides are recruited from top performing Group Guides and Groups super-users.

While the program is still in its infant phase, 
Growth Graduates will have a selection of Growth Guide-lead scheduled session in the Inspiration Corner group to choose from and find the right partner.

Who is the group course for and what does it entail?

Designed for freelancers looking for direct feedback and guidance, a group course has you connect online with a Growth Guide once or twice per week, depending on their availability, and communicated in advance, for a total of three sessions. 

Learn from the experts hands-on in the group sessions, then review the Academy and freelancer-facing resources, and apply the advice you received over the week, before the next session. Note down any questions that come up in the meantime and share them in the next session. This will allow you to receive personal feedback as you go through the course, directly from your Growth Guide.

This dynamic is perfect for freelancers who like direct contact afforded by a course setting, combined with the consistent, repeated practice of knowledge shared in the Inspiration Podcast, Academy resources and in their respective groups.

The course sessions are limited to 5 participants at this time, to allow for ample personal attention and tailored feedback. Whether you are just starting on Upwork or are already working on the platform - the Guided Growth Course offers something for everyone who wants to scale up their business.

There is one baseline criteriayou need to have completed at minimum the Getting Started on Upwork and Finding Work Learning Paths. Only freelancers, new and experienced alike, that meet the base criteria will be taken into consideration for participating in the course. The starting criteria is in place to assure us you're motivated to follow all the necessary steps and use the available resources to achieve success on Upwork.

Although there is a structured outline of the course sessions, we believe that for the best experience being flexible is the key. The specifics of each session can vary based on the skill-set of the Growth Guide and the focus of the activity. Upon completion of the course, you should have the tools you need to improve your business and success on Upwork. 

Note that Growth Guides are volunteering their time so make sure to always communicate and interact respectfully. Please make sure that you show up on time and prepared for each session, to maximize the benefit.

You can find the scheduled Growth sessions here.

Let's harness the power of community and uplift each other!

Vladimir Golubovic


The Guided Growth Course sessions are independently and privately hosted meetings, and not an official Upwork meeting. Upwork does not sponsor the sessions and is not legally responsible for any activities related to session hosted by third parties. Upwork does not collect any compensation or charge any fees to attend the Guided Growth Course sessions. We do not endorse any independent organizer or unofficial meetings. Guided Growth sessions may be recorded and by attending you agree that your comments, photo, and video may appear in recordings and possibly be used in marketing materials.


this is Awesome Vladimir. 

thanks for creating contents in response to freelancers painpoints. 


  • bonjour la famille je suis nouveau sur la plateforme
  • Juste vous informer que je suis un rédacteur

want to do a good job on up work and earn money so for now I have the questions I need and the issues that concern me so please explain to me how to move to the money side??

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Thanks this is very helpful 

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  • I tried many time on upwork but cannot get any job now tried to many time and also lost connecta but i still trying because i am beginner now ao everyone cannot get beleive at my work.