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Get paid

Hi, I just earned my first milestone payment from a client, but I could not see this amount of money anywhere.

I went to Settings - Getting paid, where an instruction said that "Please complete a W8BEN Foreign Status Certification".When I click in, it asks me to fill in VAT and Legal Name of Business, nor do I have W8BEN, I am only a freelancer who just start to work on Upwork.

I don't have a registered business, I am willing to pay the VAT for the amount that I earn, but in other freelancer platform they just deduct it and transfer me the rest. I appriciate your answer and help. Thanks.


Best regards,

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Chen,

In order for your payment method to be activated, you will need to fill out your W-8BEN form

Regarding your payment, please keep in mind that all payments need to pass our 5 days security period before they become available to you. To view in what stage your funds are go to Reports > Overview. Thank you.

~ Goran
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