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List of 'Submitted Proposal' getting long and unmanageable

I have recently started to apply for projects relevant to my skill sets. But being new here my success ratio has been miniscule (as I can't show my work done as part of regular job due to NDA clause).

I only have one project out of 20+ that I applied this month.

(Hopefully If I get Rising Talent badge, things might improve)


The list of 'Submitted Proposal' is getting longer and unmanageable by each passing day. Some of these projects have already been assigned to other Freelancers.

It would be great if another section is added for Projects which has been assigned to other freelancer(s), but not closed yet.

It will help me have better visbility of projects where I am still in contention.

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@Md R wrote:

The list of 'Submitted Proposal' is getting longer and unmanageable by each passing day.

 Simply archive them.



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I see no option to 'Archive' proposals which have been awarded to other Freelancers,but are still on-going.

Image Attached (Link : https://www.upwork.com/ab/proposals/991897786250694657)




My suggestion was more on lines of other lists in which relevant projects gets added/removed based on certain criteria, without requiring freelancers to do manual steps (Offers , Active Candidacies, Invitation to Interview, ...)


Similarly I would request the team to add another List ('Awarded to others' or some other label) having all such proposals which has been awarded to another Freelancer.

Hi Md,

You won't be able to archive a proposal for a job that is still open like for instance a job where the client may be hiring more than one freelancer and has kept the job open, but what you can do is withdraw your proposal from the job and then it should move out of your active proposals section.

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