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New Freelancer

Hey, I'm Vini, I'm new here and searching for tips.

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Hello Vini W


Nice to see you here


I know landing the first job is very hard at this time. But I have a few suggestions for you

1. Try to build a quality profile

2. Keep Updating your skill

3. Understand client requirements and then bid accordingly

4. At initially don't bid on a proposal that requires high connects (My opinion)


You can have a look at this Working on Upwork 101


I got my first job after submitting 50+ proposals, so don't lose hope.


Best Wishes to you

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Just a comment, I'm not sure, but I think your Upwork profile should be in English. 

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Hello, well to see you here. I have a few suggestions for you

  1. Great work is rewarded on Upwork. When you're working on a project for a client, make it your best work
  2. Be active
  3. Perfect your profile
  4. Find your niche
  5. Focus on the client
  6. Improve your proposal
  7. Look professional
  8. The proof is in the portfolio
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