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New Here & Have Major ? PPL Offering Jobs Claiming they pay UpWork

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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re: "I've been on Upwork for more than a year. I'm feeling left out."


I know all about this scam because I have read hundreds of posts in the Forum about it.


But I have literally never been targeted by the Google Hangouts people. When I first set up my profile page, it was obvious that I was an experienced professional and not an "entry-level" worker. I wasn't seeking customer service or Virtual Assistant work. I didn't say something like "Hi! I'm new on Upwork but I desperately want to earn money!"


So the scammers NEVER sent me invitations.

The scammers are NOT random. They are also NOT ideological. They are NOT egalitarian. They ONLY want to earn money. So if they see your profile and know you're not a potential mark, they're not going to contact you.