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New here

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Deiby Antonio P Member Since: Mar 5, 2017
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Hello Team,


My name is deiby and I'm from Dominican Republic, I started this freelancer thing but I have little knowledge about the whole thing.


I'm not sure how are the clients, if they are picky or what. How should I start begin proposing.


can any one serve as a guide. would really appriciate if someone would be kind enough to shine some light.Smiley Happy


hoping to meet interesting people here.


Best regards.



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Jennifer M Member Since: May 17, 2015
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welcome to the jungle

we got fun and games

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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re: "can any one serve as a guide."


No. Absolutely not.


Not for free, anyway.


If you want to hire me at my hourly rate, I will be happy to serve as your guide.


Otherwise, you can read this:

Getting Started on Upwork


After you have read that, and read much more than that, then if you have a SPECIFIC question that has not already been answered in the Forum... then please feel free to post that question here.


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Deiby Antonio P Member Since: Mar 5, 2017
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Hi preston,


I'm sorry but I dont know why you have this unfriendly attitude, I mean come on everyone here is for a reason and thats to get some extra cash. it would be nice if one in a life time you just do a positive reply. If not just refrain from saying anything. dont want to be rude or anything however  while viewing other freelancers comments you always had some negative feedback. jeezz.



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Deiby Antonio P Member Since: Mar 5, 2017
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thank you jennifer .Smiley Happy

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Scott E Member Since: Jul 26, 2015
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The thing you have to realise is that, while you may be doing 'this freelancing thing' for 'some extra cash'... a lot of people are doing it as a living and/or career, and have been doing so successfully for many years.


All the information you need is included on this site, both in the getting started guide, the terms and conditions, the help pages and the forums. The info you have requested is so broad and complex that we'd have to sit for days, weeks, if not months compiling a suitable response. Thankfully we don't have to, as already stated... that information is freely available somewhere on this site. All you need to do, is find it.


As Preston said, If you have a specific question then people are usually happy to answer... but we're not going to write you a 1000 page guide or anything. It's not that people are unfriendly, it's just that they see somebody wanting the world handed to them on a plate, when they've spent years learning the system.

"Welcome, humans. I'm ready for you!"
- Box, Logan's Run (1976)
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Vladimir G Community Manager Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi Deiby, welcome to Upwork!


Please check the freelancer guides and tutorials from the thread Preston shared and feel free to post your questions in the New to Upwork forum. There are a lot of successful freelancers with very interesting personalities who are sharing valuable advice on regular basis in the Community (you already met three of them), so you came to the right place.