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New to Upwork and scheduling a meeting

Hi, I am new to Upwork and I just got received an active proposal. He told me If I am available for an interview and I replied stating that I am available for an interview. Since I haven't receive a reply from the manager after my last message, my question is, who will schedule a meeting? Am I the one who needs to schedule a meeting or do I need to wait for a meeting invite from his side?

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Well, usually the interview is the chat and sometimes it does proceed to a zoom call (using the upwork integrated feature) but most of the times it just ends with exchanging a few lines and files over text. What could have happened is your client interviewed multiple people and already hired by the time you responded or they just got busy.
Eitherway, it is always the one hiring who schedules the meeting - either they do it themselves or they make it known that they want to have a call with you and you arrange for a suitable time.

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