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Payment after work

Active Member

Ok so i am new to this site and i am wondering something,when i finish someones work and i get the money,how can i get that money.

I live in serbia here we dont have paypal at all and i am wondering how can i get the money i earned from work i done?

Community Guru


You can get the money from Upwork.

Or not at all.


You say that there is no PayPal in your country. That is irrelevent. If a client sent money to your PayPal account (if you had one), and you got caught doing that, then Upwork would probably suspend your account or kick you off the site permanently.


There are two possibilities now:


a) You earned money with a proper Upwork fixed-price or hourly contract and the money shows in your "Reports" tab. You will eventually withdraw the money using your chosen withdrawal method.


b) You worked for free and you will never receive money for that work.


What situation are you in: (a) or (b)?

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You can get the money earned by you through any local bank account using LFT service of Upwork. 

Here is an awesome page:


Payment Methods Options

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Hello Sir, I had the same problem i.e there is no Paypal available here in Pakistan too. And then I searched for an alternatives and I found an awesome one ie Payoneer which is worth able to get.


Here is referral link I am providing to you, you can get it from here.


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Hi Nemanja and welcome to Upwork.

Just a quick info.

PayPal and Payoneer are available in Serbia.

Check their websites for more info.

For PayPal you will need an active bank account, 

but for Payoneer you won't.

Good luck.