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Payments does not work and upwork is so silent

When I click on "get paid" it gives me a a error. I ve been using the same bank details for last 1.5 years without an issue. 


I am getting below error messages since 26 Nov 2019.


We are sorry! We are experiencing a technical problem and cannot process your request right now. Please try again in a minute.


I ve made 2 chats and 1 direct call to upwork and its been 3 days . All they say is escalation is made and there is a open ticket under this issue. 


I hope upwork will understand that there is a real issue of my agency is not being able to get paid for the work being done and something needs to be done quickly about it. 


Even after 2 direct chats and one dorect call, I ve still haven't heard anything from upwork. I guess they are waiting for me to call and chat again to check on the issue. 


I ve been a top rated freelancer for last 1 year and also owns an agency in upwork,


The silence of upwork makes me so upset , restless and its Soooo  frustrating



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Thibanka, 

I understand how frustrating this experience is, and I'm sorry for the inconvenience this has caused. Please refrain from lodging new tickets through call or chat so that they team handling your case can asisst you more efficiently through your open ticket - Ticket #27209407. You may follow up on the same ticket thread at any time if you find the need to do so. 

I will go ahead and follow up with the team so that they can get back to you with more information about your concern. 

~ Avery

Thanks Avery, I followed up and I was told that today is a Bank holiday in USA and I will have to wait until tommorow. 


Hopefully tommorow I will get a solution for this. 


But still from the time I made the first complain, there was more than 24 hrs to work on it, but looks like no progress made. 


These are critical issues for an agency specially during month end to sort out finanatial matters such as rent, salaries, etc. 


I am waiting to hear about it till tommorow. 



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