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Question about withdrawals

Hello everyone,


So week has ended and the last two weeks the time log shows 790$ earned.

When I go to "Get Paid" section, its says only 81$ available in Balance.


So I can withdraw only 81$? How long will it take for the rest of the money to be available?


Thank you in advance for your help.


Is the rest of it "Pending" or "Under Review"? A week or two and the funds usually move over to "Available," in my experience.

It depends on whether you worked on fixed rate or hourly jobs.  Go to the reports overview.  Click on "when will I get paid?" and it will explain the timing of your payments.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Spyros, 

The payments will be processed according to the Weekly Billing Cycle.


When working hourly contracts, all time logged in the Work Diary by the freelancer is automatically invoiced to the client using the schedule below:

  • Week 1 – Freelancer logs time using the Upwork desktop app and Work Diary.
  • Week 2 – Hours within the weekly limit invoice to your clients on Monday. They have until Friday to review the work. Then the security period begins.
  • Week 3 – Earnings become available on the following Wednesday.



I checked and can see that your pending transactions will reflect on your Available tab (Reports > Overview > Available) on June 21 and June 28. 

~ Avery


Hello Everyone


I am working on an ongoing project with **Edited for Community Guidelines**. Yesterday he has sent me $7 for my first milestone which is not yet received in my account.
I have checked the contract option, there it is showing paid but when I checked in transaction history it shows pending.
Could you please tell me what is the problem here?




Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Shailza,


Please go to Reports > Overview and you should be able to find the payment there, and use the question mark icon to learn more about its current status. Please follow up and let me know if you need more information, and make sure to review the freelancer resources we shared here.

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