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Suddenly, Client payment is not verified

Dear upwork team


I have worked with Russian client. at first his payment is verified

So I have worked 4 hours using upwork time tracker, and I have done his project within 4 hours

And I sent result of my working on upwork message board

And next day, I saw that his payment is not verified

In that case, I can get payment for my working? and if not, it will affect my account?

I need your help



Community Member

Did you:

  • track your time?
  • add meaningful memos to the work diary which describe clearly what you were working on?
  • have good activity levels
  • All screenshots show work related to the contract?

if yes you are probably covered.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Zachary,


Please communicate with your client and check the reason why their payment method became unverified. Our team will review your contract for the requirements Petra mentioned next week if your client doesn't update their billing method in the meantime and update you with more information. You can find more information here.

~ Vladimir

Thanks for your help

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