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Virus sent by Freelancer

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Chris A Member Since: Nov 21, 2016
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OK, so I hired a freelancer for a job. They took a few days to complete the job and then gave me a link to dropbox to download the file. After I downloaded the file AVG said it contained a virus called FakeAlert.


My question is how do I contact Upwork to report this guy? Or do you think someone could have hacked into his dropbox and changed the file?

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Lena E Community Manager Member Since: Apr 7, 2015
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Hey Chris,


Open a ticket with customer support so they can investigate this for you at



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Rishab B Member Since: Oct 20, 2016
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Hi Chris


its not possible that anyone hacked Dropbox to send you the virus.


I also think that it is highly unlikely that the guy sent you the virus intentionally.


I think the most possible thing that happened is that the guy had an infected computer and transmitted the virus to you unintentionally. Reporting it to Upwork wouldnt be a good idea. Just talk to the freelancer about it. I dont think he knows that this happened. Tell him to fix his system and get rid of any errors.

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Rene K Member Since: Jul 10, 2014
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@Rishab B wrote:



I also think that it is highly unlikely that the guy sent you the virus intentionally.



You have no way to know and in any case a freelancer is a professional supposed to take care of their business so they don't hurt the client.


Professional online workers have an antivirus, they scan their computer on a regular basis and make sure that no viruses are sent to their clients. Failing to do this is totally unacceptable and should be reported.

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