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What is clear definitions of activation and interview in the story of proposals

Hi everyone


I have a question about the story of the proposals.

After you send the proposal to the client, the client can respond to it or not. If he responds, your proposal will be activated.

Well, so clear, but what about the interview? When are you being interviewed?

Have a nice Xmas

Shadow, yet Light-lover

Hi Saied,


Thank you for your message. Proposals are a great opportunity to introduce yourself to a potential client and show off some of your skills and experience. After you accept an invitation or send a proposal, the client may or may not choose to respond. If a client responds, the invitation or proposal becomes an Active Candidacy and a massage room is created for you and the client to further discuss the project. You may want to check this help article for more details. Thank you!


~ Arjay
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Hi Arjay

Thank you for your answer.

My problem is not about the proposal function. I think something is wrong, or I am wrong.

I have a question:

If the client responds to your proposal and sends a message, does it mean that he has interviewed you?

Shadow, yet Light-lover

That is correct Saied!


An Invitation to Interview is a message sent directly from a client asking you to discuss their job — it means something about your profile caught their attention.


~ Arjay
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Hi Arjan
Many thanks for the answer. I've just posted the reason for the confusion in the Freelancers forum.


The problem is:

1. The "Find Work" tab has two items named "My Proposals" and "My Stats".

In My Proposal, you can view your proposals based on their status. Here you can see four status for proposals:

1-1. Submitted proposals
1-2. active proposals
1-3. Invitations to interview
1-4. offer

2. In "My Stats" there is a place called "Analytics" where you can see statistics related to three stories in a selected period:

2-1. Profile View
2-2. Invites
2-3. Proposals

Regarding the last story, the Proposals, there are four items:

2-3-1. Hired:
2-3-2. Interviewed:
2-3-3. Viewed
2-3-4. Sent

The whole story is this:

Proposals listed as "Active" in My Proposal are tagged as "Interviewed" in My Stats.

If Upwork behaved consistently and did not replace the proposals that it calls "Active Proposals" in one place with "Interviewed" in another place, I would never have a question, especially since there is a Status called "Invitations to interview" in "My Proposals" which is very likely to be confused with "Interviewed" in My Stats.

I strongly recommend that Upwork replace "Interviewed" with "Activated" as the current names are very misleading.

Shadow, yet Light-lover

Hi Saieed,


Thank you for reaching out. We appreciate your feedback and we will be sharing this with the team.

~ AJ

Hi Annie

Thank you. I think this is a very small edit but prevent some relatively big confusions.

Shadow, yet Light-lover
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