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Why are there so few ASIC (Verilog/VHDL) job postings?

I see UpWork has several postings for physical electrical engineer jobs that require PCB work.  But what about ASIC design work using Verilog or VHDL code, which can more easily be done remotely?  Not only that, but STA, LEC, CDC, and even synthesis could be done remotely, more easily than schematic capture and PCB work.  It seems like UpWork is missing a big opportunity by allowing me to choose Electrical Engineering as my category, but there is no category for ASIC or FPGA design work.  ASIC design pays more, so UpWork would make more in fees, and ASIC design is easier to do remotely.  This seems like a win-win!  Am I missing a category or searching for the wrong thing?  I hardly see any postings when I search for ASIC, FPGA, Verilog, or VHDL.

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