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first timer as a freelancer

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Claire C Member Since: May 22, 2017
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I am new in the freelance world; just venturing for the first time. I have shifted my career path from a frontdesk receptionist (that was my most recent job) to doing work at home. Therefore, I do not have any previous works to show. Do you have any advice for me to be able to make it through and be successful as a freelancer?

I followed Upwork's course on how to be a sussessful freelancer. However, there is nothing mentioned there of how to make a successful debut into the freelance world. Any suggestion?

Thank you.


Community Guru
Pat M Member Since: Jun 18, 2016
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Claire, to be a successful Freelancer one must have been successful in the brick and mortar world with the skill set(s) they plan to Freelance in.  If you believe you have, proceed; if not you may wish to gain additional experience prior to attempting Freelancing.  I only very quickly reviewed your Profile but noticed you have an English to Italian translation test showing whereby you scored Below Average.  You need to make that test result private as that's not going to excite any potential Client; even if that's a skill they're not interested in.  Best of luck to you.