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is it best to end the contract ?

I just landed on my first job about a month ago, delivered it and got paid  but here is the thing  for the past month i tried to ask the client to give me his feedback about the project or just tell me if there is something wrong  with it and he just didn"t reply he just talked to me about 3 weeks ago about another job but i refused it for the short time window my question is

should i end this contract in order to maintain good job success or should i contact support what is the best thing to do ?

sorry if talked too much

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Hi Abdelrhman,

It is always recommended to, professionally, address any concern with the client and ask them to end the contract, they will be prompted to give feedback when they do. If you don't hear back from the client, you can go ahead and close the contract yourself.
The information found here may provide more details about how the Job Success Score is calculated.

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Since you are fairly new on Upwork, I would not end the contract yet. As the previous respose stated, it is best to resolve this with the client and get them to leave feedback, but sometimes clients come here, get a job done, and never come back. That leave the freelancer with an open contract. That happened to me. The client disappeared. I had to submit for payment and wait the 14 days before I got paid. Since I didn't have much feedback at the time, I decided to leave it open so it would not hurt my Job Success Score. 

So the best thing to keep it open even after more than five weeks since the contract started ?
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