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New AI Services hub now available

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What Changed: A new AI Services hub is now available to everyone.

How Does it Work: The new AI Services hub helps businesses quickly connect with independent professionals with AI expertise and find tips for integrating AI into their business. The AI Services hub is available in the category navigation bar as AI Services on Upwork.com.


Once there, clients can book a 1:1 consultation to get advice from an AI expert, hire a professional with experience in common AI use cases, check out the new AI Services resource center, and more. Clients can use a new job post generator powered by OpenAI technologies that helps clients draft and customize posts with job-specific details that help attract top talent. Visitors new to Upwork.com can also try out Upwork chat, also powered by OpenAI technologies, to get answers to specific questions for getting started on Upwork.


Who is Impacted: All clients visiting the AI Services hub and freelancers with AI skills.


Release Date: July 11, 2023

What Does it Solve: AI was the fastest-growing category on Upwork in the first half of 2023, in terms of total individuals hired. We’ve now brought together AI-related work and skills into one place for customers so businesses can find the right person with the right expertise for any job.