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Instyle scam?

I'm new to up work. I simply applied to a proofreading job. I didn't have a clue who for. Apparently the one I applied for is instyle magazine. At first I was excited. Now I'm unsure and skeptical. After just Googling instyle jobs, to see what else they were looking for remotely, I quickly saw an article about the scam. The way others have been scammed is a little different than this time. No one else mentioned that they were sending a check for the equipment they were going to receive. Someone sent an invoice for the equipment to my email. Then I got check sent via Skype on a document format. They asked me to print it out and deposit it on my mobile banking app. I haven't done this. Another way this was a little different, the job posting hasn't disappeared yet. Others have said it disappeared immediately. Is this a new tactic they are using?  Please get the scammers off of here. there are people out here willing to work but we keep getting scammed.

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Job no longer available 

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Communication outside of Upwork is a serious violation of TOS. Don't do it next time. Get familiar with community posts on scams and try avoiding them. 

Never pay anything to a client to do your job. 


Hi Alicia,


I'm sorry to learn about this disappointing experience. Anna's correct! Sharing contact information before a contract has started is against Upwork's Terms of Service and that all communications before the contract starting must take place on Upwork.


I took a closer look at the job you're referring to and can confirm that it's already been taken down because it violated Upwork ToS, and action has been taken on the client account. Please check this post for more tips on avoiding questionable jobs and use the flag option found on each job post or message anytime you’d like to report a violation.


~ Arjay
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Thank you for sharing your experience. They got me, too, as I am new to Upwork and don't know all of the details. I never made it past the "congrats! You got the job!" because they were messaging on Skype. I didn't know Skype was still around. I guess we will have to be more careful. 

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This is definitely a scam. I recently applied for the same job, InStyle. They won't talk to you on the phone, only chat interview. The offer letter seems professional, however, this seems to be an elaborate scam. I didn't even sign the letter because it seemed like a scam, and then I found your post which confirmed it for me.


Here is the conversation I had with my "assigned supervisor":


5:13 PM
Mr. **Edited for Community Guidelines**, I have received the project offer letter to start with your company, InStyle. You have been assigned to be my supervisor according to this letter. I have to exercise caution before signing to ensure this is a legitimate opportunity. My main concern is about your company sending a check to me for the purchase of a laptop, printer, and anti-malware software. Please explain the process involved to get started with this job and the details of the work I will be doing.

Mike, 5:14 PM
Hello Christopher. How are you doing today? I'm Mike with the HR department. I am your personal assigned supervisor.

5:15 PM
I'm doing fine, it's nice to meet you.
Okay, so about the equipment I need to start. The letter says that your company will be sending me a check. I'm unsure about how that will go. Do you want me to purchase certain equipment to do the job?

Mike, 5:19 PM
Please have your signed offer letter attached for proper documentation.

5:19 PM
I'm asking this question before I sign the letter.
Do you mind talking on the phone?

Mike, 5:20 PM
Once the funds are being available, I will be connecting you with the available vendor who will be responsible for the shipping of the equipment to your address. I will be available to assist you because everything during this process needs to be documented that is why it is being handled through me.

5:21 PM
Can't I use my own equipment?
5:27 PM
Mr. Coleman, can you prove to me that this is not a scam?

Mike, 5:28 PM
What do you mean by that? Nothing has been requested from you.

5:28 PM
I am reading now that communication outside of UpWork is a violation of their terms of service.
We are currently doing just that.
Will you speak on the phone?
I'm reading about a similar UpStyle scam where they are told they need certain equipment from a vendor. Then they are asked to print check and deposit it via the mobile banking app.

5:37 PM
You should work an honest job instead of scamming innocent job seekers. Have a good day.




Here is a screen shot of the initial email they sent me:


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