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UK Location Verification - Unable to do

Hello, I have recently moved to the UK. I have a biometric residence permit but I do not have a British passport.


When I tried to upload my BRP, the following text is displayed:


"It looks like you uploaded an unsupported type of ID.Please try again with an image of your state issued U.K. driving licence or British passport."


How could I overcome this and successfully get my ID verified?






It looks like you're trying to apply to UK-only job posts. In order to apply for these, you must verify your location. If you encounter any issues while trying to verify your location, please know that you can reach out to our support team by clicking the 'Chat with Upwork' button on the Contact Support page.

If you'd prefer not to verify your location at this time, that's ok! Switch the feed you're looking at to My Feed and you can search and apply to job posts that are Worldwide.


~ Nikola

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Have you tried contacting an immigration company? What do immigration lawyers say? if you need advice, tell me, I'll give you contact information

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Hi 👋 

I need to verify my location, I'm Italian, living in London since 2020 , I've been asked to upload my bank statements or my bills but nothing is working. I wouldn't like to change the location to match my ID as I saw that that's an option . Can someone show some support? Thank you 🙏 

You must confirm current location but not where ID issued. Keep talking with support to know what document them need. Bank statements or bills should be applicable.

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