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Open Border Updates

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Borders Open For Ukrainians and Third-Country Nationals Residing in Ukraine 

POLAND Right to entry:
  • Citizens of non-EU countries can enter Poland if having documents confirming their right to stay in Poland (visa, residence permit, etc.). Citizens of non-EU countries can also enter Poland on the humanitarian grounds. In such case, persons entering Poland should claim at the border they want to apply for international protection. Currently, there is no way to receive visa at any from the Polish consulates in Ukraine.
  • Ukrainian citizens can enter Poland for 90 days (out 180 days) if presenting biometric passports. No visa is required in such case.
  • Persons without documents can also enter Poland on the basis of article 32 of the Act on Foreigners - in this case person can stay in Poland for 15 days with right to legalize further stay. Kids not having passport and crossing border with parents may fall under this rule too. Since early morning hours we have cases reported that kids without passports, persons with no biometric passports, but also a few Belarusian citizens (who normally need visa to enter Poland) were allowed to enter without necessary documents through the Polish-Ukrainian border.  
  • It is possible to drive though the border by car but also to use pedestrian border crossing. 
Further limitations / military mobilization:
Ukrainian men aged 18-60 are not able to leave Ukraine due to military mobilization. The Act is in force since February 25, 2022. At this moment there are no exceptions from this rule which is well followed by the Ukrainian border posts.
Work in Poland:
  • In case of non-EU citizens, work permit must be received before commencement of work (unless exempted from this obligation). Application for simple work permit for Ukrainian citizen doesn’t take longer than 7-14 working days. It can be done once person is already in Poland.
  • Persons who applied for the international protection cannot work for the first six months of the process unless decision is issued earlier. 
Quarantine and COVID-19
  • Every person entering Poland from the territory of Ukraine is exempted from quarantine obligation. No COVID-19 test or other certificates confirming vaccination are required.
  • Polish Ministry of Health has announced that every Ukrainian citizen will be allowed to be vaccinated in Poland. 
  • Transfer through Ukraine might be very difficult and dangerous. Highways are partially closed. Many people travel towards western part through villages instead of using main roads.
  • Border posts with Poland operate normally, but expect that waiting time will be longer than 12 hours
  • If you do not have a place of stay in Poland, go to the nearest reception point. See link for reception point: https://www.gov.pl/web/udsc/ukraina-en
Hungary has enacted a decree that will allow most anyone to cross the Ukrainian/Hungarian border. According to the decree, the Hungarian government guarantees temporary protection for those who leave Ukraine because of the armed conflict. The rule applies to all Ukrainian citizens, as well as third-world citizens residing lawfully in Ukraine.
 Accepting refugees from Ukraine.
Ukrainian nationals can travel to Israel and seek entry without a need for a pre entry visa for up to 90 days.
Ukrainian nationals with biometric passports can enter without visa for 90 days.

Visa is required.