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Coach Tips

Tips from Upwork Coaches about wiriting your proposal cover letters on Upwork

Coach Tips

Tips from Upwork coaches about how to set your rate on Upwork

Coach Tips

Tips from Upwork Coaches about crafting your Upwork profile title


Gain insights on what the most popular freelance jobs are and how to best position yourself and your skill set


Learn how boosted proposals and the 'Available Now' badge can help acquire jobs


Learn new techniques for determining your value, raising your rates and increasing your earnings.

Learn about Upwork Academy’s new on-demand content, talent coaching, skills certifications, and target outreach from the director M'Chelle Ryan.


Jeff Stroller, author of "You Want to Be An Entrepreneur," shares how he tried, failed, and then succeeded as a business owner.


Learn how to set and achieve business goals from someone who has thrived independently and on Upwork.


Get a few tips for successful communication with your clients.

Get some tips from Upwork's Trust & Safety team about how to avoid scams.


Hear tips about how this independent professional has earned over $1 million on Upwork.


Learn about some proven best practices to optimize your interviewing and negotiation skills.

Learn how this independent professional earned $1.5 million working with top clients

Learn strategies for creating long-lasting relationships with clients

Hear how you can attract more clients by telling your story

Learn how Upwork experts onboard their clients to start projects off right

Get insight from Upwork experts who have taken their freelance businesses to full-time

Hear from an Upwork Product Engineer how Loom can help you communicate better and faster

Hear from an Upwork Product Manager how this tool makes scheduling a meeting a breeze

Learn about how you can use Project Catalog to get your offerings in front of more clients

See how a how a customized proposal can grab clients’ attention

Tips for building an Upwork profile that helps you win jobs

Learn how to build and grow your freelance business

Tips for getting started on our Work Marketplace