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My company is being rebranded to another name. Can I change the name of my Upwork agency?

Hi. My company is being rebranded to another name because of us adding new services to the agency.


Can I change the name of my Upwork agency to reflect our new company name? Are there any restrictions or conditions that I need to fulfil before I change the name of my agency on Upwork?


Also can I change the "Profile Link" in the Settings as per the new rebranded name of my company? 


Please let me know if changing agency name and profile link are 100% according to the terms and policies of Upwork, as I don't want to violate any rules/terms of Upwork.


Hi Irfan Ullah,


We truly appreciate your coordination in keeping Upwork a safe environment for your career. The agency owner (and users with admin privileges) can edit the agency’s profile including the the agency name and contact information from their agency account by going to Find Work › Agency Profile


You may visit this help article for more details and guidelines for editing your agency profile.


~ Arjay
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I already knew that there were options to change the "Agency Name", the agency logo and the "Profile Link" i.e. the custom URL for the agency. 


But I was just asking about any legal conditions required for that, or are we completely allowed to change the agency name, agency logo and the custom URL without any problems? So just needed a confirmation from Upwork official moderators here.



Yes, Irfan. You can always update your Agency details as you see fit. 

~ Luiggi
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How do i change my agency URL?  I cannot see the option to change it.

Hi Phillip,


I would be happy to help. You should see the option to change your agency URL by going to Settings > Profile Settings and then selecting the pencil icon next to the Custom profile URL section. Here is a screenshot for reference. 


Let us know if you need further assistance. 

~ Nikola
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