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No Jobs being Awarded to my Agency


I have been on Upwork for more then a Month,but till today no Job has been awarded to me yet, I dont know what i am doing wrong.

Can Someone Guide me how much time it will take to get any assigment/Job , I have been applying to 5-15 Jobs Per day ?

Any Guideance would be highly appericated.




Saud Hassan

Community Member



Do you have a successful Upwork track record a a freelancer before starting an agency. Many clients want to only work with a freelancer instead of an agency because freelancers tend to be less expensive. Have a great day!

Hi William,

I am bidding at lower Price , its Quite frustrating we have all the skills and Expriences but still no work , Many are saying that you need to have Previous Reviews and rating but how can i have a review or rating if no one is giving Jobs/assigments to new comers :).




Saud Hassan 



That is exactly why I stopped using an agency. All my Reviews were much easier to access as a freelancer and starting with zero as an agency didn't work out. Clients preferred my freelancing reviews and the percieved lower cost of a freelancer.

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It is always better to see what your competitors are doing to get the contract. You can visit the agencies page similar to your agency offering and rate yourself aginst them. Good luck!! 

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