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Faster payouts for hourly contracts

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Stefan S Member Since: May 4, 2020
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Ok. Very good!

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Amit D Member Since: Jun 14, 2013
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Appreciate the concept of faster payouts, my stats are as follows: 

Top Rated eligible weeks 16 of 16
Would I be eligible?
Amit Deb
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Mozammel H Member Since: Oct 7, 2015
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Thank you.

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Md. Mostafa I Member Since: Feb 12, 2018
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Thank you. Great initiative and it will help a lot of us. Heart

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Herb B Member Since: Nov 29, 2015
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Shouldn't this include fixed price contracts that are pre-paid before starting on the project?

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Vivek A Member Since: Feb 1, 2017
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That would be really really helpful. Even the getting paid should also not be limited for a quarter, sometimes the payment is coming after the date of getting paid passed out and we have to mandatorily withdraw the payment twice because first time it gets auto-paid due to restriction of quarter and max we have is that only. BTW thanks a lot for this helpful 5 days early payment thing. Cheers!

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Shota C Member Since: Apr 4, 2017
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It would be great if you do this for fixed payment contracts as well Smiley Happy 

Stay safe

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Shafnas M Member Since: Jan 16, 2018
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Thank you Upwork! This is truly a big support for freelancers during this pandemic period!

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Ilyas M Member Since: Apr 2, 2015
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Good decision by Upwork.
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Maria Del Mar C Member Since: Nov 12, 2019
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Yes finally! Been working for the same company for over 1 year now, this is so helpful!