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Upwork Skills Certification
Standing out in your field as a skilled professional can help you connect with clients and grow your business faster. When you earn a certification through Upwork Skills Certifications, you'll receive a badge for your Upwork profile.

Currently, we offer Upwork Skill Certifications in several categories on an invitation basis.
Web, Mobile & Software Development
Design & Creative
Customer Service
Coming Soon
Djordje J. from Serbia
Earned a Javascript Front-end Development Certificate
"I think that the change from 'meaningless' tests that anyone could pass to this kind of tests is a great change. The test was fun and the questions were extremely relevant and something that most of experienced Front-End Web developers had to develop in their career so kudos to anyone who was in charge of preparing those questions.

I also think that this is a great initiative because it facilitates learning which in the long run is great for both Upwork and the developers. Upwork gets better developers (and more profit) and we get a reward in form of a recognition and better clients, which leads to more money for us as well! Win-win situation."
Ella C. from the Netherlands
Earned a 3D modeling certificate
"I got more invitations for jobs. And I got more clients. It's more secure when they find out I have a skill. They trust that I can do the job."
Tamrat A. from Ethiopia
Earned a Javascript Front-end Development certificate
"I had a great time with the certification process and I really enjoyed it. It also helped me find out my strengths and weaknesses. I think I'm now a better developer than I was before I took the tests. Not just because of the certification but it helped me to start practicing my skills regularly so I wont lose my touch. I'm looking forward to the next step in my Upwork journey. Again, thank you for the opportunity."