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Job size will now be factored into your JSS

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David A Member Since: Oct 17, 2016
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They're making it increasingly difficult to find meaningful work.  There's no sense of looking out for the people who make this platform possible - freelancers.  The only people who will provide freelancing work here are going to be overseas contractors.

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John K Member Since: Feb 17, 2015
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Ivan M wrote:

Believe me, listen to me, bring back the oDesk algorithm.

Ivan, the change they announced makes JSS more like the oDesk algorithm, where higher price jobs counted more than lower priced jobs in calculating the average star rating. The main difference now is that JSS also includes private feedback.

"No good deed goes unpunished." -- Clare Boothe Luce
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Ivan M Member Since: Dec 4, 2014
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So I ask you (Upwork) not to "improve" anything, and to bring it back oDesk algorithm. So you are not improving anything. You've already shown how you can improve something that's good. Upwork is just destroyed something which was good.
So, if something's good, don't touch it.
Especially after when you have shown that you (Upwork) can "improve" things.
So, restore the oDesk algorithm and do not "improve" anything. Please!

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David A Member Since: Oct 17, 2016
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This is a terrible, terrible idea.  UpWork arbitrarily changes their policies without feedback from the people who make their site possible - us, the freelancers.  I'd like to see these 'community managers' try to earn a living by freelancing.  It's a greuling, difficult business.  UpWork is making it increasingly more difficult for people who work for a living for themselves to get jobs.  When we have to compete with offshore freelancers who charge less, and submit dozens of applications for what jobs actually pay well, and (to top it off) when companies who post jobs never get back to you after job submission you begin to get a taste of how difficult it is to earn a living freelancing on UpWork.  


Hey UpWork - how about if you focus on getting clients to provide mandatory replies to job submissions?  Or helping freelancers to connect with better-paying clients?   Better yet, stop earning a salary at UpWork and try paying the bills as a freelancer for a few months and then see how you like it. 


You would not exist without us freelancers, so why not get OUR feedback without making arbitrary decisions that impact our ability to find meaningful work?  Some of us take on jobs that are smaller because it's a cutthroat world on UpWork, and you're removing out ability to actually GET better paying clients by changing your score calculations.


It's unethical and unfair.

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Shyam Sundar S Member Since: Feb 24, 2015
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Hi , I am agree 100% to you but our request is not hearing here. Anyway bad work give bad result. it will determine future 

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Edoardo N Member Since: May 2, 2011
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"Hey UpWork - how about if you focus on getting clients to provide mandatory replies to job submissions?"

1000% agree with that!!!

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Rajiv P Member Since: Apr 22, 2019
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May I know the budget or ticket size for small, medium and large projects

Valeria K Moderator Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Thanks for your question, Rajiv and Matthias. To ensure fairness and avoid manipulation, we don’t share the specifics about how we calculate the Job Success Score. Thanks for your understanding.

~ Valeria
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Matthias F Member Since: Feb 3, 2020
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Are we able to have a value or formula to assess what defines a big job? 


I use UpWork to supplement my income and only pick jobs in between 150-400 so is this something that's not considered a big job? 


I would like to know how severely the JSS is going to fluctuate.

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Andrew R Member Since: Feb 3, 2020
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While I agree weighting higher-earning contracts is absolutely a step in the right direction, this algo adjustment still does not address an issue that has plagued the JSS for years.


I’m one of the top-earning freelances on Upwork in Massachusetts. With several of my clients I’ve had open running-contracts for a very long-time, in some cases years. Given how long I’ve worked with these folks (and how long they’ve worked with me), we clearly have positive relationships and they would speak highly of me. These are the clients where I generate the most revenue from Upwork, and Upwork in-turn makes the most revenue from fees. However, because these contracts are essentially a “running tab” accounting-wise, these clients have never had the opportunity to leave a review on my profile given we’ve never actually closed a contract. The only reviews currently on my profile, and hence being accounted for in my JSS, are short one-off projects that account for ~5% of the revenue I’ve generated from the Upwork platform. This new algo adjustment in no-way addresses this issue.


Today I received the email that my JSS will likely be lowered. I know I have among the top-percentile largest and longest-running contracts on Upwork. Upwork is now engineering a scenario where during this month before March 2020, I’m going to have to go to all of my long-term clients, close all of my current contracts, have my clients leave a positive review, and then open new contracts with all of them, all for the sake of the JSS and this algo. Then I will rinse-and-repeat every month with my long-term clients for the foreseeable future. This is highly highly inefficient; it breaks workflows, creates awkwardness over “closing contracts in the middle of very long-term engagements”, and puts unnecessary stress on long-running contractor-client relationships.


What Upwork should be doing is allowing clients with very long running and high-volume contracts the ability to provide reviews and feedback every month or every quarter (Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4), instead of having to close a contract completely to leave a review. Upwork has vested interest financially in folks like me working with very long-term clients with the Upwork platform as the intermediary. Almost like an employee. They are now incentivizing contractors to engage in opening/closing/opening/closing contracts for the sake of upping the JSS, which puts awkwardness on client relationships. Why they haven’t addressed this issue years ago is beyond me… It should be a no-brainer.