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Apr 14, 2021
Webinar: Winning Profiles

Hey Community!


I’m Mike and I’m part of Upwork’s Talent Success team. Our team facilitates Upwork’s numerous webinars and events. If you recently attended the Upwork Power Webinar: Winning Profiles, you might have some follow-up questions you want to ask. Because it’s only an hour long, we don’t always get to address everything.


So, let’s continue the conversation!  Our Community team is ready and I’m here to loop in other experts to answer general questions about profile success. If you’d like to receive specific feedback on your profile, you can request peer feedback in this thread.


If you haven’t attended “Upwork Power Webinar: Winning Profiles”, you can register for an upcoming webinar on our Upwork Events page or view the recording of a previous session here.


In the webinar, we teach you how to make your profile stand out on Upwork:


  • Understand the benefits of a great profile
  • Leverage tips from successful freelancers for all sections of your profile
  • Improve your profile and win more projects



Whether you’ve been building your business on Upwork for years or you’re relatively new here, having a professional profile is essential to attracting clients, highlighting your skills, and winning projects.


We look forward to hearing from you!