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Finish worked but haven't received my salary

Hello! Seeking for mandatory help, my client ask me to pay $80 dollar for the membership fee, but afte paying up, he's asking another $150 for the ID memebership. How do I do to make my $80 back to my account? **edited for Community Guidelines**

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You can't, because that wasn't a client--it was a scammer. He stole your money and there is no job. You may also get suspended or banned from Upwork for sending money outside the platform. Before you do anything else, please take the time to read up on how Upwork works, or something worse is likely to happen.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Justine Joy, 

As a gentle reminder, users cannot offer and accept payments outside Upwork since this violates the Upwork Terms of Service. Clients are also not allowed to ask for payment from freelancers so that you can start working with them, as this is not permitted.

It would also be best to visit these articles for more information on how you can keep in line with Upwork's Terms of Service when engaging on the website:
In the meantime, you may also want to read up on this Community article and these articles for more information about working safely through Upwork and this article for reporting suspicious activity on Upwork.

~ Avery
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Justin, unless you invest your time and study the resources Upwork has provided, it would be prudent to pause your job applications.


Sorry Tiffany, I spun your post - I should read the post entirely.


For current situation you lost money.

Reinforcement is useful on this point.

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