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I think I'm in the right group...


Have been using oDesk for 2 or 3 years. Work with a great contractor. Nothing but kudos for them. It would be very helpful when I send a message to the contractor if there was an account option to have my messages forwarded to my email of record. Can't do it now so must fish around in my message threads to find messages that I want to quickly review. This would be especially helpful (don't think... it'd be hard to add to oDesk client messaging system?) when I'm using my mobile device i.e. would not have to log in to oDesk to find messages just sent.


Kenneth, I believe these options are already available. ODesk lets you change your preferred email address any time you want, and it provides an extensive, detailed interface for deciding which events you want to have automatically emailed to you. You also have the option of replying to email messages from oDesk's messaging system right from within your email software or by logging into oDesk. You can receive and reply to oDesk messages on a mobile device.

So in theory you should be able to receive and send oDesk messages from your mobile device email account, and the messages you send from within your email should be easily retrievable without logging into oDesk.

But I am just theorizing. I have not actually tried this. Maybe somebody else here has more concrete experience?
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Kenneth,


Thank you very much for sharing your experience and suggestion. I will be sharing it with the Team. I understand that you would like to receive email notifications not only when a freelancer sends a message to you via oDesk, but also copies of the messages you send to your freelancers.


Also, please check out the new oDesk Messenger app for iPhone if you are interested.

~ Valeria