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Freelancer Profiles via Job Descriptions

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Ronald T Member Since: Sep 14, 2009
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It's happening again. I have noticed an increase in job descriptions posted on oDesk by freelancers attempting to get hired here on oDesk and even off-oDesk. Also, clients are still posting hoards of jobs for which they do not conduct interviews or hire anyone!

Long ago I thought oDesk was reviewing job descriptions (at least on an audit basis) to prevent inappropriate jobs descriptions from being published. Flagging does not appear to result in appropriate action. What is being done now? Anything? Nothing?

If the new Connects feature is going to work (for freelancers), the problem of bogus, misleading job descriptions must be eliminated. Of course, even wasted Connects produce revenue.

Ron aka LanWanMan
Community Guru
Md Rahatur R Member Since: Apr 17, 2013
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To stop such job posts oDesk should appoint some community police Smiley Happy

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Anya V Member Since: Apr 22, 2015
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I confirm that there is an increase in job descriptions posted on oDesk by freelancers attempting to get hired here on oDesk as well as in postings of jobs where customers do not conduct interviews or hire anyone!

If freelancers, who think of being hired like that, annoy,  customers who do not conduct interview or hire everyone just spend freelancers/agencies connects and money.

I am sure that the latter are representatives of the companies who want to research the competitors bids.
I do not know how to "disroot" these postings, but I know one of the steps to it.

oDesk, please, make a country an obligatory field for customers or for those who post jobs.

There are countries I prefer and can work with. I mean there are countries for the people of which I can deliver products or render services better. Why don't I have such an opportunity to know what country the customer of this job posting is before I apply? Well, it could have been very helpful when there were no connects and it is vitally necessary when there are connects. Why should I spend 2 connects on the customer from the country I can not work with or can not speak customers' language?

It is logical to know the country of the customer as well as the country of the freelancer. But on oDesk freelancer shall confirm his/her identity on odesk whereas  customers are not required to indicate at least their country. Why?

Please, introduce "country" as an obligatory field  (or determine it by IP) for those who post jobs . It's not a secret information (it is not a city or home address) but it will help to exclude a considerable PART OF FAKE JOB POSTINGS.
p.s. freelancers, agencies - I address to you. If you agree with it, please, write a line or two to vote for this. Thanks!!!
Valeria K Moderator Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Anya,


Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. We understand that freelncers would like to have more verified information about clients before applying to their jobs. That's why we will be launching new identity and phone verification programs not just for freelancers but for clients as well. You can find more information in this blog post.

~ Valeria

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Suzanne N Member Since: Aug 15, 2012
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I see you addressed one person's concern here, but Garnor stated in another post that job postings are monitored, but if they are monitored why is there an increase in the job posts that are freelancers trying to get jobs and increase in jobs that are plain garbage?


If someone is monitoring job posts then they really need to consider hiring someone else for the job because whoever is doing it is not doing there job.

I would think the easy answer would be not to allow jobs to be posted until someone reviewed them.


Tons of places with simple solution for not allowing a post without being approved. Not sure why it would be so difficult for oDesk to implement a system that jobs are checked before they go live, for repeated posts, incomplete information, fake information, personal information in the posts, virus attachments.


If these were truly being monitored we would not be seeing these.


Please Please consider reviewing posts before they are allowed to be posted. 

Valeria K Moderator Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Suzanne,


I understand your concern with inappropriate jobs being posted on the Marketplace. Currently, we do not have a system where all the postings are monitored before they go live. However, there are systems of both automatic and manual quality control. We understand that it is not perfect currently and we are going to work on improving the quality of job postings. We are also sharing the feedback you provide in the Community with the Team and appreciate when you report job postings.

~ Valeria