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Freelancer cancelled my project

I am new to upwork.  I put out a simple project and hired someone to do the work.  Then on Skype the freelancer said he was cancelling the project.  He hadn't done any work yet. 


I thought that meant that he was simply qutting the job but he apparently has the power to cancel the whole project, which I didn't want him to do at all.  I still have to hire someone.  He put in a reason saying that I no longer needed the work done, but he knows that isn't true.


I am surprised that a freelancer can cancellmy own project.  Do I now have to start from scratch and build a new one?  Is there a way to start over with my existing project?


Also, I want to make sure I have incurred no charges.



It is important for you to recognize the large amount of freedom that exists on Upwork.


Clients and contractors can both cancel (close) a contract at any time they want.


But a contract is not the same thing as a project.


You are the project owner. You own the project. Working with your project manager, you hire contractors to work on the project. But everything they produce is turned in to you and belongs to you.


If a specific contractor stops working for you, that is fine, because you have all the work. The work has been verified by the project manager as being solid. The work has been shown and demonstrated to you in pieces.


If one contractor quits, you continue working with the other contractors and/or hire additional contractors to continue working on the project.


Hi Douglas,
                   Preston suggested you well. Don't take it that much serious. It could happen. Simple select another right fit for interview before hire.



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Community Manager

Hi Douglas,


I am sorry to hear the contract with this freelancer didn't work out. Freelancer can end a contract. However, you can still re-post the original job posting and hire a different freelancer for it. You can do it on your Jobs page, just click on "View all job postings," click on the title and then click on the link to repost the job:





Also, on the Jobs page,  you can (and please do) leave an honest feedback for the freelancer who closed the contract.


I checked and since the freelancer didn't log any hours on the contract that's been closed, you will not be charged.

~ Valeria