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How Does Setting a milestone work in Upwork?

If you want your website organic search ranking to be improved so that you start getting visitors to the site. And you hire a freelancer to do this job who promised in 8 weeks there would be improvement. What happens if you had paid him and after 8 weeks, you find out your organic search ranking was not improved.
OR, is Upwork going to keep the money until after 8 weeks?
Please, I'm new I want to know how this works before I pay a freelancer.

Hi Tony,


You can set one or more milestones and for each one, you’ll detail exactly what your freelancer or agency agreed to provide in return for the funds you will deposit in escrow. This way, both parties know what deliverables are expected, the deadline for deliverables, and how much you will pay for them. Escrow is a neutral holding place where we put money aside until the project, or piece of the project, is done. The funds stay there until your freelancer fulfills their obligations and you say you are satisfied those obligations are met and release them. Please note that after freelancer sends you a payment request you have 14 days to accept the request or demand some changes. 


You and your freelancer should discuss and agree upon all milestone amounts, deliverables, and deadlines prior to beginning work. You can discuss all potential milestones during the interview phase, or you can create additional milestones as the contract progresses. You can find more information on how to add a milestone in this help article.  



~ Nikola