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How are the clients dealing with boosted proposals?

There is a question always in my mind everytime I submit a proposal for a certain job, "Shold I boost it or not?". I see people spending lot of connects just to catch an eye of clients, do clients actually care about the proposal at the top? 
(Though I avoid boosting proposals but wanna know client perspective.) 

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Hi Zeeshan!

You would find a better understanding by going through this article.

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Zeeshan Bhai even boosting is not delivering any results nowadays, beside you and I (freelancers) cant really compete with those agencies that using like 80+ or 90+ connects for simple jobs. 

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JOB SUBMISSIONS: Tips - Only apply to Jobs that you are highly qualified, don't Bid for the top 3 spots unless you are an exact match and have a high probability of getting the job, don't immediately apply for jobs, but instead wait at least a few hours so your bidding is more accurate, don't get into bidding wars because serious Clients will view most applicant's cover letters, don't apply for Jobs that have 20 - 50 applicants in less than 24 hours. If a Client gets 50 cover letters, there is only a 2% chance of being hired; bad odds. I set my freelancer sort to apply for jobs with less than 20 proposals. Have a great day!

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Just yesterday I was looking at a job I thought would be a good fit. Since it had 20-50 proposals and the bid up was around 60 connects, I gave it a pass. So what shows up an hour later? An invite to the very same job. I guess bidding up position is useless if you don't have the chops.

Yep. You also got lucky that the Client decided to hunt for talent themselves after proposals poured in.

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