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How to order an article

I'm just subscribed and I created a briefing.

I have to know if this brief is visible and if I have to do something more or just wait the copywriter.

Thanks a lot for the help.



As a client, I have hired over 180 freelancers on Upwork. Here is how I would personally go about ordering an article.


I would write a brief/project description that contains ALL of the information that I think is necessary. I would make sure this is detailed enough to get the results I need, but I would try to keep this as short as possible.


I would post this as a job posting on the main Upwork site. I make this a PUBLIC job posting. I know that anybody might see it.


Those are the main points I think you need to know.

ALSO: There are certain things I would personally do that set me apart as a successful client, that many other clients would not do:


a) I know that EVERY freelancer/client collaboration might fail.

b) I know that there is no way to determine if a freelancer will succeed in doing the task he is hired for.

c) If I have a deadline, then I will hire FOUR freelancers to do this task. I will use hourly contracts with all of them. I will explain that this is a group project, and that when the work is done, the contracts will end. But I will not put them in touch with each other. They will each work independently.

d) Once I have received an article that meets my standards, I will close all of the contracts. This means I will only need to pay for the hours logged by freelancers. I hired Dan, Eric, Francine and Greta. Francine finished the task within a few hours and sent it to me. Her article was great. It meets my needs. I closed all four contracts. I only paid money to Francine, because she finished the task before Dan, Eric and Greta logged any time. If Dan, Eric or Greta HAD logged any time, they would have been paid for that time.


This method is used when the DEADLINE IS IMPORTANT.

If you do not have an important deadline, and can take as much time as you want to get the work done, then you can hire SERIALLY. Here is an exammple: You hired Dan to do the work. His work was terrible. You ended the contract. You hired Eric to do the work. His work was terrible. You ended the contract. You hired Francine to do the work. Her work was great. You did not hire any other people to do the work. After hiring and paying three people, you have now obtained the article that you need.

Hey Luca, please search Upwork Talent and then Invite appropriate Freelancers to apply for the Job. Thanks!


Also, remember you will get what you pay for and that upwork is not a vending machine that you plot few coins and get your favorite junk food.  You also have to use your judgement i hiring.

Hey Luca, you could use the Search Talent feature and Invite copywriters to the Project. Thanks!

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