I am just so disappointed!!

 I could honestly cry. The last 2 people I have hired on Odesk have not done what I asked them at all, and I am stuck with the bill!!!


The first is $230 in the trash and the second was another $90.


Why are the standards so low on Odesk?


I literally cannot use any of either project, but I'm stuck with the bill!!!


Thats a total of $320 in the trash!!!




You are clearly frustrated after what appears to be two consecutive negative experiences while using oDesk, having spent a total of $320.


Your frustration is justified. But logically speaking, you realize that oDesk did not become such a large, multi-billion dollar website with millions of clients and contractors by providing the type of experience you went through. oDesk receives no fees from contractors or clients for posting profiles or jobs. oDesk is only paid when clients pay for contractors for completed work.


So there are a few questions that present themselves here:


Exactly what happened and in what ways can oDesk's built-in, established tools and prodedures allow for you to receive a refund for unusable work?


Obviously other clients have repeatedly returned to oDesk to successfully get work done. What did they do that is *different* from what you did, in order to use the oDesk tool correctly and successfully?


There is no way we can trouble-shoot and help remedy your situation if you provide us only with two dollar figures and an expression of your discontent. But if you will describe more fully the nature of your project and provide some dates and timespans involved, we can offer specific analysis and solutions.


Tell us briefly: Did you use a fixed-price or hourly model? What was the project? Rate of pay? How many contractors hired? Etc.



Sorry to hear that, Jeff.


So, was it hourly or fixed price?


I just got jammed for more than $600USD.  ODesk doesn't care they make their money either way.  And due to their policies and business practices they have created a culture of fraud.  

Hi Richard,


I am sorry you had a negative experience with a freelancer on oDesk. Somebody from our Support Team tried to reach out to you yesterday and wil try again today to help you sort out the issue.


We appreciate your patience.

~ Valeria

How did you verify the freelancers?


I treat oDesk like a numbers' game (just like any other hiring process really) - you will hire incompetent people, and you will learn to weed them out with time. Those lessons cost unfortunately 😞


Hi Jeff, Richard,


I'm really sorry that both of you had bad experiences on oDesk. There are good freelancers out there, so don't give up. Here are a two pointers to manage the risk of losing money on poor work:


1. Start by giving your selected freelancer a small task to complete. This may be done as a fixed price job, with a milestone payment to this small deliverable. Add more deliverables if needed, but pay only when the work is delivered and is acceptable.


2. For hourly jobs, start by asking the freelancer for an estimate of how much time the task will take. Set the weekly limit to match their estimate. Once they start to deliver, you can relax this as they would have proved themselves.


If you start with those two pointers, it will help you to identify good freelancers and eliminate poor ones. As you build experience on the oDesk platform, identifying good freelancers will become second nature, and you may not need to manage all hiring in this manner.

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Hey folks,

Don't worry, freelancers get scammed by clients too. The key is to find legit clients and legit freelancers, connect, and do business. Oh, and expect to be reasonable for said business, on both sides.




Hi, I am a freelancer (translator),


What some clients starteddoing with me in the last few months is:


They hire me for a translation job (i.e. fix-priced at $100)

They'll set up a milestone of (i.e.) $30 and they provde me with 30% of the words to be translated

Upon completion of this milestone, everything being good, they will allow me to proceed with the rest of the job ($70)


I think this is a good practice, and to be honest it does make me feel better about the client as well. It means they took the time to think about it and will not just give a job to anybody, but a good professional freelancer who can deliver.

Some clients, especially in regards to translation, will hire just about anyone who does the job cheap, and the quality, long-term freelancers who are professionals in their field like myself, are not being given a chance.

I understand you can not set up milestones for all types of projects, but if you can, I really recommend it. It also gives the freelancer the chance to see if they trust the client (for example I have had clients that will not communicate with me at all in the course of a project, will no answer my questions about the translation, and I am being left in the dark about what to do next...this wastes my time and really stresses me out! In those cases I wished I had know in advance about their poor attitude...)


For hourly jobs I guess it's different, but you can also set up a limit on the hours, check the work and when satisfied, allow them to continue with the rest of the job with no limit on the hours worked (or as agreed).


Just my opinion.