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Milestone Project - Funded before acceptance?

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Mike B Member Since: Aug 17, 2015
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I tried to setup my first Milestone Project today. To my surprise the first milestone was funded before the project was accepted by the freelancer it was offered to.


I don't understand why I'm being charged for a proejct related fee when the project does not exist yet. It may even be declined.


Can management weight in on this??


If I had 10 milestone prjects that were being offered to difference freelancers with the first milestone being $50USD, I'd be charged $500 for simply making the offers?


That is crazy!


No agreement is place and no offer accepted. I could see that being the case if the offer was accepted.


It really burns me up that this is NOT clear in the offer screen, despite the helpful recommendation of making the offer for hourly work rather thatn milestone.


Is there a work around for this?


Can this charge be made only when accepted?


I appreciate your input.


- Mike

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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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Why would you make the same offer to 10 different freelancers? Are you mixing up interview and offer?


Do your interviews, then decide which one you want to work with, ask them during the interview if they are interested, then send one offer to the one freelancer who has already told you they are interested, then you are charged, the freelancer works, and all is well.


You say "It really burns me up that this is NOT clear in the offer screen, " - but it is made clear, you even have to click to agree to the fact that you are about to be charged... So your surprise is a little surprising Smiley Wink


Should the freelancer decline the offer your funds go straight back to your payment method, but yes, essentially, if you send an offer which, if accepted, leads to a binding contract, you are charged for the first milestone straight away.


That's why you need to keep in mind the difference between an invite to interview and a contract offer. The former means you agree terms, the latter means you hire and are charged....

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Mike B Member Since: Aug 17, 2015
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Hello Petra,


I would not make the offer to 10 different people. I do a good volume of work and would have 10 different projects I would offer to freelancers, in hopes they are available. I do not believe it is good practise to overload freelancers with multiple projects.


All of my points are perfectly valid.


You comments do not negate the fact milestone projects are charged to the client offering the work when no agreement has been accepted by the freelancer. The client is being squeezed for funding for work that may not be done with upwork.


It may no effect a client with the occasional need for freelance work. But this undue billing when no agreement is in place is a problem.


Thanks for the feedback.


- Mike

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Irene B Member Since: Feb 17, 2015
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Did you send the freelancers 'offer to interview' or did you offer them the job? Offer to interview allows you to communicate with them, after which you make your selection, and only then is the job offered (with escrow in place) to the person you picked for the job.


If this is the pattern you followed, then there may be a glitch somewhere because I have never been offered a job (with escrow in place) instead of an offer to interview.

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Mike B Member Since: Aug 17, 2015
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Hello Irene,


Oh, I see. I made an actual job offer to a freelancer who I discussed the project with.


Just to be clear for me, the flow should really be offer interview to discuss project with each freelancer.


When you've come to some agreement the job offer becomes a technical formality since the idea is that they should be accepting the job and not have an offer just hanging out there.


I'm following now.


Thank you,


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Irene B Member Since: Feb 17, 2015
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I'm glad to have helped.


Smiley Happy