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Next step after hiring

I cannot find information on what to do after agreeing to work with someone. Does he contact me? Where do I send information? There is a messages board, but it looks like it is for him to contact me. Should be more up front with how to engage the hired person and to begin the process toward work completion., then maybe it is!!!


The client sets up an official contract through Upwork, and before this becomes official, you will receive a notification from Upwork asking you to agree or not to the terms of contract. 


If you do not have an official contract in place with either escrow funded or hourly with the tracker turned on, then you do not have a contract, and do not start work.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Sanna,


It looks like you sent an offer and the freelancer has already accepted it so you have an active contract. Now, as long as you provided all the instructions to the freelancer, he can start working on your task and will submit it for your review once he's done. Then you can release the payment to him.


You can find more information in this help article.

~ Valeria

Sanna, I believe you are the client as per Valeria's comment.  It is really important to give the freelancer you hired all the information possible about your job.  That includes more than -


Example of what are NOT good instructions for a logo design: I like blue and want a pretty but powerful logo.


Example of what are GOOD instructions for the same logo design: 

This is what my company does:

Fill in the blanks:



........... etc.


This is the image I want the company to project:

Fill in the blanks:



........... etc.


This is the website template I hope to use:

Attach a link or even a screenshot


and so on .......


The more your provider knows - the better the results will be.  🙂


Regarding good versus poorly-crafted instructions.


The more confident you are with your instructions, the more it is possible to use a fixed-price contract.


If a client lacks experience or expertise in writing instructions for freelancers, or if a client simply doesn't have time to do so, that can be okay! The client can use an hourly contract and work with an experienced freelancer who has sufficient communications abilities to work with a client to obtain the information necessary.


Sometimes a significant part of a project involves communications back and forth (whether that be via email, chat, phone calls, etc.) through which professional contractors are able to help clients formulate and conceptualize the ideas and instructions necessary to move forward with the project. Hourly contracts are great for this.


Time spent communicating can be billed. That means the contractor is paid for her time. It also means that the client saves time and money. Because effictively communicating before producing work is less expensive than producing work that is not what was intended.