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Payment/VISA Verification

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Nicholas J Member Since: Aug 5, 2017
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Hi!  I am having a small issue with the way a payment was made.  I hired a freelancer for a job and I paid with my credit card.  This is the first payment I have ever made with UpWork.  I hired and paid her before I verified my card with the "2 small amounts."  My card was charged for the payment even though I hadn't verified.  I verified my account today but my freelancer is telling me that she didn't receieve the payment and also in the jobs seciton is doesn't show as paid.  I have now verfied my credit card and am wondering if this money will be sent to the freelancer.  I have the reference number for the payment I made as well.


Hopefully someone here can help!


Avery O Moderator Member Since: Nov 23, 2015
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Hi Nicholas, 

It doesn't look like your freelancer was able to accept the job because her proposal was automatically cancelled by Upwork when her account was flagged for a ToS violation. Please resend an offer to this freelancer so that you can start a contract with her.