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Problem with activities?

Hi, Anyone else have issues with activities? I cant add, edit or remove them... I have tried all browsers and cleared cache. Tried from different computers on different networks but no difference. I was in contact with odesk support on June 12 and they escalated it but it seems it doesn't get priority. It should not be difficult for Odesk to get this fixed one would think... " I have researched this issue and determined that it requires the involvement of our Engineering team to be resolved. I am now escalating this ticket to our Engineering department for review. I will respond to you should we need additional information or as soon as a resolution is in place. I will keep you updated, and I greatly appreciate your patience while your request is being processed."

What do you mean when you say 'activities'?

You dont use that? Its a great way of keeping track on the different tasks Doesnt look like I can add a screen shot here unfortunately

Hi. I just learned of this today, and it's just what I needed. Under "Manage My Team" find "Activities."  I am listing clients here and assigning freelancers to each. But before I found this, someone at oDesk told me to create Teams. I did, but it didn't work like this, and now I don't know how to edit/remove them.


Anyone can help?




when will this be fixed, never?

Hi Niclas, I am sorry the problem with activities still persists. I have followed up with our Engineering Team about this issue and they should address it as soon as they can. Thank you very much for your patience and understanding.
~ Valeria