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Unprofessional Client Behavior

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Grechell Ann S Member Since: Jun 15, 2016
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I've been to different freelance sites and here in upwork for several years but it is only now that I experienced a client with whom after I did several tasks that he asked me to do, is now asking me to return the money he deposited to my account. 


His reason is that I was "I didn't do the tasks that he listed down." When in fact, I created the Job Descriptions he asked me to and submitted it to him the day after. It was only for an hour which is 4.50USD/hr. Then, he asked me to create a hiring process, wherein I drafted last Saturday. I even added an additional Competency-Based Interviewing Techniques that his start up company can use. I informed him about it, he saw my tasks and then, it felt like he was requiring me to work on weekends the entire day, when in fact, during the interview, I made it very clear that I can only work a couple of hours on weekdays. 


Then now, he's turning things upside down because he wants his money back. He's now telling me harsh words and saying that I did not do the things that he requested when in fact, it was still in the google drive folder that he created for me. Returning the money back isn't a problem, but it is very unprofessional that all my original content, the work that I did even for a total of 3 hrs, weren't appreciated.


Client is payment unverified by the way. 


I'm just bothered if this will affect my future offers. 

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Katrina B Member Since: Jan 9, 2011
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Question:  You said he put money in your account but you said his payment method is not verified?  How could he do that?  


Also if you don't change your profile pic to yourself you could get suspended.  It's against ToS.

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