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Industry: Software Development, Higher-edYears on Upwork: 15Professional interests: cover letters, interviews, profile introsAdditional experience: C.S college profe...

Industry: Talent Experience, Remote-work, virutual teams Years on Upwork: 5Professional interests: Career coaching, recruitment, startupsAdditional experience: Inter...

Industry: Business Operations, Human ResourcesYears on Upwork: 5Professional interests: Employee training, collaborative projectsAdditional experience: Spanish, Busi...

Industry: Human Resources, Employee Motivation & DevelopmentYears on Upwork: 6Professional interests: Helping others build their career paths Additional experience: ...

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Quick Tips from our Coaches

Understand how you can best showcase your work on your Upwork profile

Learn how to write a great title & overview for your profile and tag the appropriate skills

Get acquainted with the Upwork Profile layout and learn how you can improve yours

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