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And then there were 3 ...

Rescued from the 'puppy dumpster' at 9 weeks -meet Kona Oso. The new little sister who is driving Akela and Keike into maternal craziness.   ðŸ™‚
3 noses 7-8-18.jpg

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Name of newbie is 害虫?

In Hawaiian, Kona translates to lady. Oso is Spanish for bear.  And she looks just like a bear cub. 

LOVE !!!!

They're just all too cute!  Don't we love our fluff muffins?

Pat, the "fluff muffins" are more extremely long baguettes. Akela's 67 lb., Keiki 51 lb ... and Osa a mere 12.5 for now.  Her feet are comparable to a Saint Bernard's.  


Fluff = yes.  Muffins = not a chance in he//.  😄

*Why do puppies and kittens send me into fits of baby talk???*../..


Awww....whoooz de fluffy cutiepie den....awwww sucha sweetiepie...

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